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About Robert

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It has been a long journey since Robert immigrated to the US two decades ago. He started in graduate student in economics and finance. After graduation, he ventured out as financial analyst and consultant. But ultimately, he was drawn by his irrefutable passion into wines. 

In 2005, Robert moved to Bay Area and quickly fell in love with Napa Valley. Not only obsessed wine tasting, but he also educated himself on wine knowledge. Later he transitioned his career into wine business. Initially he worked as exporter, introducing Napa brands to East Asia, mostly to China. Later, he joint-ventured with a Napa winery and started his own brands. Symphony wines had a limited production with premium quality grapes. Then Glory wines bloomed into a spectrum of different varietals. 

Robert is in close contact with Asian communities in Bay Area. He observed that Asian Americans are usually not seasoned wine drinkers though many of them have genuine curiosity into wine. He decided to tend this group with wine education and access to some fine brands.
That is how Robert Wine Club came into life, a wine group geared toward Asian Americans, the underserved community in wine market. With all his knowledge and networks nurtured over a decade of experience in Napa, and with his heritage resource, Robert has the unique strength to serve the group.


Besides business, Robert is an active community organizer and contributor.

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