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Image by Edward Howell

About RWC

In US wine market, Asian Americans is an underserved community for decades. However, this group has shown increasing interest in wines thus has big potential in growth. Robert Wine Club is geared toward Asian community though it is open to everyone.


Different from most other wine clubs, members have no obligation to purchase. You buy wines from the club only if you want to. 


We will offer wine brands that are trustworthy, affordability, and with limited production. Our wines are mostly from Napa and Sonoma. Club members will enjoy discounts ranging from 5%~50%, depending on each individual wine. 


On top of all, we will offer the best price across the market. If you find a better offer elsewhere, show us and we will match.


Education is essential for wine consumption and collection. Wine seminars or tasting events will be hosted by Robert or guest speakers on a regular basis. Club members will have 50% off to all events offered by the club.


Sometimes you are not sure about your upcoming wine purchase decision, or you may have any other questions, ask Robert for advice. Robert is obligated to answer individual questions from club members. He will also host group Q&A sessions, as well as recommend wine deals in popular wine stores. 


We charge a reasonable annual fee for offering above discounts and services. We hope you a pleasant experience with Robert Wine Club!

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